7 Days of Christmas: Cooking Edition

Hey Kaybies! We are on day two! This post is about 7 things my family HAS to have on Christmas Day, and maybe it’ll inspire you too! **I have a separate dessert post coming so stay tuned! Foods We MUST Have 1. Macaroni and cheese. There is no discussion. This is required. 😁 2. Ham! … Continue reading 7 Days of Christmas: Cooking Edition

The Ultimate Pick-me-up: *Sexy* Brownies

Hello all! I realized I’ve got some imposters trying to take over so now it’s kinda a war. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me (as the original) from now on. Can y’all believe it’s AUGUST ALMOST SEPTEMBER?! My Birthday just passed and we were LITTTTTT! And in honor of summer and birthdays and … Continue reading The Ultimate Pick-me-up: *Sexy* Brownies

Things Pull Apart…

Hey Kaybies, I hope y’all’s week went well, and that everyone was safe this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. So as you can see, not enough people sent in questions. In fact, I only got 2 more. So currently, I have about 7. And to be honest I was a little discouraged at first. For the … Continue reading Things Pull Apart…

Wait What? Q&A? And Status Update!

So I’ll make this post brief but I wanted to hop on here and apologize to y’all for not posting in so long. Not gonna make excuses. Just wanted to let y’all know I got you and I am not dead. Now I’ve been wanting to do a “getting to know you Q&A” post for … Continue reading Wait What? Q&A? And Status Update!

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