What to get him for Valentines Day? (Including a free tutorial!)

Hello lovely Kaybies! We all deserve a bag of barbecue chips because we have made it through the first month of the year!! We can do this, people! We can make it through this year a day at a time, which turns into weeks, which turns into months, and the next thing you know it’s 2019 and ya girl can drink moscato 🍷 !

I have mixed feelings about the 14th day of this month. I’ve actually never had a true, go-out-on-a-date-and-be-mushy-gushy- Valentine. And I’ve imagined what it would be like to share this day with a romantic gentleman so that’s how I know the things in this aforementioned post.  But I’ve never been completely and utterly sobbing my heart out on this day. Because my Dad always bought us chocolates and miniature teddy bears and I’ll admit I’ve cried on a lot of Valentine’s Days because it touched me so much to know that someone loved me enough to show me I was special and loved on this day… and no matter what happened, my Dad, would still be there for me so I didn’t feel unloved.

Now (after you wipe your tear from my deep heartfelt thoughts of my dad) this post is about things to get your man, ladies! I have some ideas geared towards low budget gifts, so hopefully you’ll all find something. If you’re a man, some of these options can be similar to ladies gifts if you think about it, and most gifts are unisex! Woohoo! AND if you have no Valentine, get one for yourself, girlfriend! You’re a Kayby! Treat yo self! Anywho, if you want to know 6 things I believe a guy would want for Valentine’s Day, keep reading.


A pretty flower just because

1. A Watch

I started with the most high end gift. A watch can symbolize many things (like google maps says it takes you 8 minutes to get home. It took you 9. So now with this watch you have NO excuse… #whitechicksbutforreal) but to me it’s a recommendation I’m making for a different purpose. Everyone likes nice things  whether they want to admit it or not. A watch can be so versatile but is still nice and a REALLY thoughtful, WOW moment gift. I bring up versatility because you don’t HAVE to get a diamond Rolex for it to be nice. Like shoot, if you got that kinda money, go ahead Kimye! But for us regular people who just blew money on our rent and the Too Faced 30% off site wide sale unnecessarily, it doesn’t have to be that bank-breaking. There are THOUSANDS of watch companies and designs that are still flashy and will make his friends jealous that he has such a bomb girl like you. AND BONUS!!!  If your man is not flashy in the slightest, a nice leather/metal band (faux or real) will still do and will be highly appreciated

These Geneva watches were only $27 on Overstock.com!

2. A Wallet

This is the second (usually) most expensive gift. Now I asked a few guys about this and got mixed reactions. Some said it would be thoughtful, one said it would probably sit on a shelf until the current one wore out, and one man said it reminded him of the time his BROTHER got him one. So from the data I collected, I would save this gift for if you notice his wallet is starting to get worn through or if you’re already married/seriously together. If you’re just talking and want to make a gesture to let him know you’re feeling him… this probably ain’t it. UNLESS you slip your number in it and a cute note letting him know you’re feeling him (something I personally would TOTALLY do and think is adorable).

Wallets like these are SO cool for men in my opinion


3. Coupon Books

No, I don’t mean the ones the 12 year olds sell for fundraising purposes (although if he’s a foodie he may appreciate one of those too). The coupon books I’m talking about are homemade, so easy, versatile, and cute! They may sell them, but I’d make one because it’ll save you money, be more touching, and it really only takes 5 steps:

  1.  Find cute/colorful paper
  2. Cut out however many squares (or for a nice touch, hearts) you want. 10-15 is what I’d average.
  3. This is where you can get SUPER creative. Write a favor or item (which can be LITERALLY anything😏) on each shape for your man that you think he would love (ex. Doing dishes for him, his turn to pick movie night, a massage, etc.)
  4. Stack all the shapes up and hole punch them
  5. For a cute and girly touch, tie them together with a ribbon that’s threaded through the hole you just punched!


4. Homemade Baked Goods

If you can’t tell, I’m a huge foodie myself … I think that there is one deep down inside all of us. And EVERYONE knows the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach #TRUTH. A baked good IS perishable so just make sure that you don’t make it too far ahead of time. But not only is a homemade baked good sweet, it also shows you took the actual TIME and effort to make him something. And people appreciate that and can tell when you make something with love. This is also something where you have complete freedom. Chocolate is a traditional Valentines flavor but it can be incorporated in so many different ways (think chocolate chips, chocolate frosting/flowers, filling, even chocolate pie!) AND if your man is allergic to chocolate (I’ve actually had a crush on someone like that before) you can totally just make another flavor and they’ll definitely appreciate you remembering and being conscious of their situation. I actually have some Valentine’s recipes for baked goods coming up, so stay tuned!

A Valentine’s Day cupcake I actually made in the past!

5. Truffles/Chocolate 

Of course this definitely goes along with the idea above, just for those of us on a little bit more of a time constraint… or let’s be honest (life gets busy) for if you forgot. I actually had a male very close to me say “you can NEVER go wrong with candy/chocolate”. Especially if you’ve got that crush allergic to chocolate, candy like orange slices (one of my PERSONAL favorites) will definitely sweeten someone up and brighten their day. Chocolates in heart shaped containers are my favorite along with the brand Pot of Gold (shown below). And truffles can be bought (again I love Lindt Lindor) but my sister also made Oreo truffles one time and they were AMAZE-BALLS! So that can be an option as well if you still want something homemade. And NEVER forget the classic… CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!!!

Lindt Lindor truffles I found at Publix
My favvvvvv yo!
The Oreo truffles I was talking about

6. Cards

Lastly, a card can almost NEVER go wrong. It’s a nice and simple expression of affection and can go with any of the gifts above, or stand alone. Of course you can find a variety of funny, sweet, sappy, and romantic cards from Hallmark or your local store. But honestly I was brought up that it’s more heartfelt to make one yourself. It may take a little more time but isn’t that what love and affection is about? Time and devotion? And you can say EXACTLY what you’re feeling if you write it and not have to settle for someone else’s interpretation of how your love should be expressed.



Well, another post has come to an end. Hopefully this has been super helpful and you try one of these ideas out! If you do, leave me a comment letting me know how much they loved it/their reaction! If you don’t try one out, leave me a comment for what you DID get your man! I hope you got some inspiration if nothing else and let’s kick tomorrow’s butt #IloveMondayslikeIlovefetacheese (I despise Feta cheese). Spread love and happiness!

Sincerely, Kay~


Behold… the BEST Buffalo Chicken Dip!

Good evening Kaybies! Hopefully you’re sleeping right now (even if it’s 2 pm where you are… you deserve a nap! Take a load off) and wake up to this recipe like your favorite surprise on Christmas morning 😌.

I made this recipe when the Panthers went to the Super Bowl 2 (?) years ago. It was the closest I ever thought I’d get to seeing a team I was close to actually be IN the Super Bowl. But hi-ho-what-do-you-know! My team (the EAGLES) made it this year!!! Never thought I’d live to see the day! Hopefully now I can shut down those Dallas fans who’s only argument is “how many rings do y’all have again” -__- At the Panther Party I had some of my closest friends try a few dishes, but this one was DEFINITELY the winner. So I decided before we watch the Super Bowl to make a bisque and call it the SOUP-er Bowl (ha…ha… no? Ok)

Seriously, it’s not a bisque though. Today I’m sharing with you the BEST adaptation of Buffalo Chicken Dip that was ever created… what can I say except you’re welcome ;). (Y’all who get my corny jokes rock)

Things you’ll need

An oven preheated to 400° F

1 Rotisserie Chicken

2 8-ounce packages of Cream Cheese

3/4 cup FRANKS RED HOT Sauce

1 cup Monterrey Jack Cheese

4 oz of a Strong Cheese (pepper jack, Gouda, blue cheese)

Some Old Bay Seasoning (optional)

1/2 cup Ranch Dressing

1 more cup of Monterrey Jack Cheese  (for the top)


Original recipe from foodwishes.com

Above is a picture of Rotisserie chicken de-skinned and pulled off of the bone. This is the first major key. Canned chicken doesn’t even sound legal so nix that off the list. These are usually pretty cheap and are a lot better quality.

My attempt at chopping with a cleaver

Now since almost of people have a cleaver (the butcher wide knife thing in the last pic) I tried to use that to cut the chicken. I quickly realized that would take forever to get finely chopped and ain’t nobody got time for dat (unless you want a chunky dip which would still be cool). So I have this really cool device where you pull the handle and it chops for you (a food processor will work or anything like that) and I figured I’d be lazy and use that. Here it is below

I wanted a really creamy dip so when I finished “chopping” my chicken came out like this


Next, you should add your SOFTENED cream cheese. Like 90% of the time when I bake I don’t let mine soften because I’m gonna beat it fluffy anyway. BIG NO NO with this recipe. Unless you’re making this in a stand mixer, your life will be easier if you let it soften. Don’t tell anyone, but I wound up having to microwave mine for a minute.

My unsoftened cream cheese

After you dump the cream cheese in the bowl, I put in the Franks. Why did I bold Franks? Because before the panther party I made it with Texas Pete ultra hot and cried because it was too spicy and I didn’t want to murder my friends. So since Franks isn’t TOO too spicy I recommend that one.

Also, do this step  before the dressing. It makes it easier for it to come out and be cleaned up since the hot sauce has oil.


Cheese Please! The next step is to add your strong cheese. OG recipe called for blue cheese but I HATE blue cheese. So! I recommend pepper jack or another strong and spicy cheese.

Now add your good ol’ ranch (Again… cause  I hate blue cheese.) Kraft was on sale so we’re rolling with it!

Next add the Old Bay (if you have any) and one cup of the Monterrey Jack. Mix it with a spatula, stand mixer, or wooden spoon like me!

You should wind up with a majestically orange, evenly combined, and creamy dip base.

80B30C27-061C-48AC-99C2-4B5C2B9F948ESpread the mixture in a baking/glass dish and add your last cup of Monterrey to the top of your dip. Pop it in the oven for 15 minutes and pat yourself on the back because your mouth is about to witness game day history!

Voila! I took mine out when it started to brown at the edges but definitely I love this recipe because you can so easily make it yours!

I hope you enjoyed, get some sleep, and Go EAGLES!

Sincerely, Kay~

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick: Honest Opinion!

Hello my lovely Kaybies! I hope you all are having a wonderful day/evening!

I was just watching the Grammys and had to leave once Kendrick’s album won over Culture by Migos. That album had, like, the BIGGEST hit of the year! Ugh *rolls eyes for like the tenth time in 2 minutes*.

Anyways I digress. I put a poll on Insta and the winner of my “first Review topic” was the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick! So let’s dive in *Trey Songz voice*

All 10 Shades of the Liquid Suede that I’ll be reviewing and already own! Left to right: Respect the Pink, Pink Lust, Amethyst, Kitten Heels, Cherry Skies, Brooklyn Thorn, Downtown Beauty, Stone Fox, Jet Set, and Oh, Put it on

So I bought these pretty much individually (Brooklyn thorn, Stone Fox, and Oh put it on came in a pack) a while back. I just purchased their matching liners today so I can review that as well (leave a comment if that’s something you want to see). But for today, I’m going to review these by color, quality, and skin tone compatibility (for me).

Arm swatches, no flash


Lets start with the color. They’re all swatched on my arm here (same order as in above picture). The colors are VERY vibrant and unique. I think what I like most is that they can be really cool on their own, or you can mix them for a new look each time. I will say that Jet Set and Stone Fox are my 2 least favorite. Jet set is a deep cobalt blue and Stone Fox is a purpleish-bluish-grey. They are still vibrant, just a little hard to wear on a daily basis. They require a special kind of creativity that I possess, and don’t use every day. Also, the description from the website can be a little misleading (like Kitten Heels is orangey-Red (on me) and Brooklyn thorn (on me) is more of a mauveish brown) but the colors are super intense so A+!


Arm swatches WITH flash

As far as quality goes, I’m mostly super happy. Some require two coats to look opaque, and others are a “one swipe covers both lips” opaque. They also are not super drying which is a “thank you God” moment. They do dry to a matte finish and it’s definitely not as wet as a lipgloss (or even intense butter gloss) but I personally prefer that because they stay on longer that way. I DEFINITELY recommend exfoliating first, otherwise it WILL stick to any dry, dead, or peeling skin. They also don’t dry out after two weeks which gets this product an A on quality too.

My fav shade

Lastly here is skin tone compatibility. Being a woman of color, I usually ask when reading a review “how will this look on MY skin”. And the truth is, we all range in so many shades so I can only show you my skin and hopefully you get an idea from that. Honestly I think I’ll give a A- for compatibility. The reason being is because I do feel like I have to mix a lot of the colors to get the look I want. Respect the Pink is so bright on me, Barbie would be like “chill, girl!” And Kitten Heels looks wayyyy too orangeish red on me. And EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I wear “Oh, put it on” (my favorite shade) everyone thinks it’s black *cries because I’m going for the deep purple winter-fall look you see all over… well, EVERYWHERE*. But I have found so many awesome combinations that I think work really well so it still gets a high rating.




All in all, I love these lipsticks and they are my go to lip products over all the others I own. A cool range of colors, high quality for the price, and don’t make me look weird when I wanna switch it up.  I hope this was helpful and if you want to know more, message me or leave a comment!

Sincerely, Kay~

Welcome! (A little bit about me…)

Hello Kaybies! I’m so excited to start my new outlet for expression. I look forward to interacting with y’all and taking this thing to the next level. Now I’m not your average or typical [blog]… I’m kinda like a blog remix with all of your favorite artists. Be ready *DJ Khaled voice* for real talk and to stay caught up on relationships, makeup/fashion reviews, Recipes, top 10 lists, story times, and more! Welcome to the Kay-list!

Sincerely, Kay~