Excuse My Rant, But… Hypothetically Speaking…


You know, life is really crazy. Crazy how things happen.


For instance, how you can be completely and totally in love with someone. And I mean LOVE. As in they have flaws you NEVER thought you could accept on anyone else… but with them there’s just something to where they’re the only exception. And you dress up for them and text them when you know something is coming up in their life or when you want to just talk. And you worry and care about them. And want to always help in whatever way possible. And everyone else sees this but that person. That has to be the case because otherwise this person is the scum of the earth. Which can’t be possible. Because after ALL you’ve done… they seem to give ZERO Fxcks. They DON’T respond to those endearing and caring texts, they DON’T ever contact you first, they DON’T invite you to hang out when they’re CLEARLY able to spend time with other people, they DON’T put any effort into you, and IF you were gone out of their life, they Wouldn’t. Even. CARE. It’s disgusting and frustrating and annoying. Like who TF does that?! Like who is that arrogant and evil?!?!?!


And the worst part is that you start to wonder “why me?” What’s wrong with me? What did I do wrong? I thought I wasn’t atrocious… I thought I had a great personality… I thought I was mature… and I just thought that I had a chance.

“Silly Kay, Trix are equivalent to men! They want perfection. And that’s not you. So you have 2 choices. CHANGE… AND FAST … or give up.”

And then, oh then, the worst part is when you believe they have a significant other. After they SPECIFICALLY told you they were focusing on getting their life together and weren’t ready for a relationship. And YOU BELIEVED IT!!!


So you get ticked off. Like I mean PISSED, with a capital PISS. And decide to give them space. Leave them alone. Then they wanna talk about how YOU actin shady?! Like ME?! MOFO you the one that done broke all the Ten Commandments (lying, stealing hearts, cheating, all them) and wanna just come back and act like we all good and fine and dandy. That’s not how it works!


So, no. 👎🏾 . Don’t talk to me. Don’t act like we all cheese and crackers because now we’re cheese and peanut butter. Like you’re getting in the way of my self care and you are so wishy washy and I can’t take it anymore!

… Like does anyone else get this way?! To the point where you’re done being nice? But that’s EXACTLY what’s wrong with the world is that no one cares or is nice anymore… so it’s like what are we supposed to do?!

Can I get a Witness?

Sincerely, Kay~



The Loooooong Awaited TOO FACED HAUL 😍

Hello lovelies!

Welp I’m too broke to give everyone $5… #struggleisreal so here I am on the day of my sisters graduation getting the TOO FACED haul/first impressions post up FINALLY! I haven’t used most of this stuff but the stuff I have used I’ll review as we go along.  



This is the Chocolate Gold palette!! The entire reason I bought from Too Faced (the original chocolate bar just didn’t appeal to me to spend like $50. THIS sexy thing right here though… #hadtohaveit!) and it’s got so many pretty colors I can’t wait to experiment with!!


Next up is White Peach! I am in awe of this palette I almost never wanna use it because it’s so GAWGUS. Honestly this one took my breath away online and I have barely touched it. The only time I’ve touched it was to do a couple swatches, that’s how pretty it is to me.  It’s so SPARKLY and gorgeous and smells wonderful and I love the names! The next makeup post will be swatches and a review on these gorgeous pigments. Def see myself loving this to no end. It’s already #mybaby! Smells amazing, colors are beautiful, and DEFINITELY my #weddingday palette hahaha!



This one is so cute and it was actually a last minute decision! I’m in love with this Peanut Butter and Jelly palette. It’s small but scented and has soooooo many pretty colors! Ugh i just hope I don’t hit pan too soon. 



Ahhhhh alas the infamous Sweet Peach palette. Not gonna lie I got this one being the basic/bad and boujee chick I am. But I’m pleasantly surprised from the swatches I did at the pigmentation and skin tone compatibility! I’m not a neutral eye person (lol shocker… not) but this is what I think is gonna help me do some more natural, wearable looks!



This palette HANDS DOWN has the CUTEST packaging! It’s the Glitter Bomb palette. Haven’t really done anything with this one yet but I’m inspired for looks to come!

Sorry for the quality! #Blurredlines

I REALLY did NOT need anyyyyymore lippies buuuuuuuttttttt I had to have them. In order the Melteds are named “Velvet, Ruby, Fuchsia, Dream House, and Macaron”. The Melted Latex are “Girl on Top” and “Unicorn Tears”. I also purchased “Bye Felicia” but kinda hated it… but that’s another story. I love Dream House (I knew I would, always wanted to be black Barbie) and Ruby is AMAZING too!



I really only opened this Chocolate Gold bronzer, saw it wasn’t my shade, and closed it… may give it away to you wonderful followers!



Last and tbh least. The Peach Frost highlighter (came messed up, I tried to smooth it over and above is the result 😂) and the Peach my Cheeks blush in “So Peachy”. I honestly tried to swatch both and couldn’t because the formulas are terrible… maybe I can melt down into a rose gold cream shadow?! 😂 


Oh yeah and this is the sample hangover they sent me. Super small but I haven’t tried it yet so who knows?!

Alright Kaybies! That’s my haul! If you guys wanna see more in depth reviews on anything leave me a comment down below! White Peach is DEF gonna be reviewed though! Love y’all and stay FABULOUS!

Sincerely, Kay~


Hey Kaybies…

I know my posts are usually a little more chipper but I just needed to get this off my chest. Maybe my blog is the right place to do it, maybe it isn’t. I’m just feeling some type of way and wondered if y’all have ever felt it too.


I. Am. Lonely.

Now some people say “why”? You have family and a therapist and friends and coworkers… why are you lonely?

While this may be the case, people don’t really get what that means. Yes, I have a family… but most days I feel like the black sheep. Yes, I have a therapist… but we only talk for 50 minutes, once a week. Yes, I have friends… but most of them are away at school or working  to where we rarely get to hang out. And yes, I have coworkers… but we rarely hang out outside of work and I’m amongst the youngest at the job so I get the sense that I annoy them sometimes.

I’ve been feeling this way for a while, so I went to a youth rally at church today and thought it could be a turning point… but my Dad’s old phrase came true,  “you can be in a crowd full of people… and still feel lonely”. And it sucks. You think you’re going to a crowded event, so there’s bound to be SOMEONE who wants to hang out and have a cool conversation… but no. They say hi, or maybe how are you… introduce themselves and move on. And I shed a couple tears today if I’m being blunt because I was hurt and lonely and to be frank, I feel like something is wrong with me… but that’s a whole nother story.

I just wonder if y’all ever feel (or have felt) the same way… tired of the fake smiles and small talk., and just looking for true companionship. Yes? No? Hate hearing me be upset? Idk… just thought I’d put it out there…

Sincerely, Kay~


NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick: Honest Opinion!

Hello my lovely Kaybies! I hope you all are having a wonderful day/evening!

I was just watching the Grammys and had to leave once Kendrick’s album won over Culture by Migos. That album had, like, the BIGGEST hit of the year! Ugh *rolls eyes for like the tenth time in 2 minutes*.

Anyways I digress. I put a poll on Insta and the winner of my “first Review topic” was the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick! So let’s dive in *Trey Songz voice*

All 10 Shades of the Liquid Suede that I’ll be reviewing and already own! Left to right: Respect the Pink, Pink Lust, Amethyst, Kitten Heels, Cherry Skies, Brooklyn Thorn, Downtown Beauty, Stone Fox, Jet Set, and Oh, Put it on

So I bought these pretty much individually (Brooklyn thorn, Stone Fox, and Oh put it on came in a pack) a while back. I just purchased their matching liners today so I can review that as well (leave a comment if that’s something you want to see). But for today, I’m going to review these by color, quality, and skin tone compatibility (for me).

Arm swatches, no flash


Lets start with the color. They’re all swatched on my arm here (same order as in above picture). The colors are VERY vibrant and unique. I think what I like most is that they can be really cool on their own, or you can mix them for a new look each time. I will say that Jet Set and Stone Fox are my 2 least favorite. Jet set is a deep cobalt blue and Stone Fox is a purpleish-bluish-grey. They are still vibrant, just a little hard to wear on a daily basis. They require a special kind of creativity that I possess, and don’t use every day. Also, the description from the website can be a little misleading (like Kitten Heels is orangey-Red (on me) and Brooklyn thorn (on me) is more of a mauveish brown) but the colors are super intense so A+!


Arm swatches WITH flash

As far as quality goes, I’m mostly super happy. Some require two coats to look opaque, and others are a “one swipe covers both lips” opaque. They also are not super drying which is a “thank you God” moment. They do dry to a matte finish and it’s definitely not as wet as a lipgloss (or even intense butter gloss) but I personally prefer that because they stay on longer that way. I DEFINITELY recommend exfoliating first, otherwise it WILL stick to any dry, dead, or peeling skin. They also don’t dry out after two weeks which gets this product an A on quality too.

My fav shade

Lastly here is skin tone compatibility. Being a woman of color, I usually ask when reading a review “how will this look on MY skin”. And the truth is, we all range in so many shades so I can only show you my skin and hopefully you get an idea from that. Honestly I think I’ll give a A- for compatibility. The reason being is because I do feel like I have to mix a lot of the colors to get the look I want. Respect the Pink is so bright on me, Barbie would be like “chill, girl!” And Kitten Heels looks wayyyy too orangeish red on me. And EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I wear “Oh, put it on” (my favorite shade) everyone thinks it’s black *cries because I’m going for the deep purple winter-fall look you see all over… well, EVERYWHERE*. But I have found so many awesome combinations that I think work really well so it still gets a high rating.




All in all, I love these lipsticks and they are my go to lip products over all the others I own. A cool range of colors, high quality for the price, and don’t make me look weird when I wanna switch it up.  I hope this was helpful and if you want to know more, message me or leave a comment!

Sincerely, Kay~