My Chic (and First) Makeup Tutorial!

Heyyyyy Kaybies! First off, I’d like to thank any and everyone who’s been reading, showing love, AND supporting me on this blog endeavor. It really is appreciated more than y’all know! So as a quick background, any and everyone who knows me knows I love makeup. And I’ve been wanting to do a tutorial for … Continue reading My Chic (and First) Makeup Tutorial!

The Ultimate Pick-me-up: *Sexy* Brownies

Hello all! I realized I’ve got some imposters trying to take over so now it’s kinda a war. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me (as the original) from now on. Can y’all believe it’s AUGUST ALMOST SEPTEMBER?! My Birthday just passed and we were LITTTTTT! And in honor of summer and birthdays and … Continue reading The Ultimate Pick-me-up: *Sexy* Brownies