Excuse My Rant, But… Hypothetically Speaking…


You know, life is really crazy. Crazy how things happen.


For instance, how you can be completely and totally in love with someone. And I mean LOVE. As in they have flaws you NEVER thought you could accept on anyone else… but with them there’s just something to where they’re the only exception. And you dress up for them and text them when you know something is coming up in their life or when you want to just talk. And you worry and care about them. And want to always help in whatever way possible. And everyone else sees this but that person. That has to be the case because otherwise this person is the scum of the earth. Which can’t be possible. Because after ALL you’ve done… they seem to give ZERO Fxcks. They DON’T respond to those endearing and caring texts, they DON’T ever contact you first, they DON’T invite you to hang out when they’re CLEARLY able to spend time with other people, they DON’T put any effort into you, and IF you were gone out of their life, they Wouldn’t. Even. CARE. It’s disgusting and frustrating and annoying. Like who TF does that?! Like who is that arrogant and evil?!?!?!


And the worst part is that you start to wonder “why me?” What’s wrong with me? What did I do wrong? I thought I wasn’t atrocious… I thought I had a great personality… I thought I was mature… and I just thought that I had a chance.

“Silly Kay, Trix are equivalent to men! They want perfection. And that’s not you. So you have 2 choices. CHANGE… AND FAST … or give up.”

And then, oh then, the worst part is when you believe they have a significant other. After they SPECIFICALLY told you they were focusing on getting their life together and weren’t ready for a relationship. And YOU BELIEVED IT!!!


So you get ticked off. Like I mean PISSED, with a capital PISS. And decide to give them space. Leave them alone. Then they wanna talk about how YOU actin shady?! Like ME?! MOFO you the one that done broke all the Ten Commandments (lying, stealing hearts, cheating, all them) and wanna just come back and act like we all good and fine and dandy. That’s not how it works!


So, no. 👎🏾 . Don’t talk to me. Don’t act like we all cheese and crackers because now we’re cheese and peanut butter. Like you’re getting in the way of my self care and you are so wishy washy and I can’t take it anymore!

… Like does anyone else get this way?! To the point where you’re done being nice? But that’s EXACTLY what’s wrong with the world is that no one cares or is nice anymore… so it’s like what are we supposed to do?!

Can I get a Witness?

Sincerely, Kay~



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