The Loooooong Awaited TOO FACED HAUL 😍

Hello lovelies!

Welp I’m too broke to give everyone $5… #struggleisreal so here I am on the day of my sisters graduation getting the TOO FACED haul/first impressions post up FINALLY! I haven’t used most of this stuff but the stuff I have used I’ll review as we go along.  



This is the Chocolate Gold palette!! The entire reason I bought from Too Faced (the original chocolate bar just didn’t appeal to me to spend like $50. THIS sexy thing right here though… #hadtohaveit!) and it’s got so many pretty colors I can’t wait to experiment with!!


Next up is White Peach! I am in awe of this palette I almost never wanna use it because it’s so GAWGUS. Honestly this one took my breath away online and I have barely touched it. The only time I’ve touched it was to do a couple swatches, that’s how pretty it is to me.  It’s so SPARKLY and gorgeous and smells wonderful and I love the names! The next makeup post will be swatches and a review on these gorgeous pigments. Def see myself loving this to no end. It’s already #mybaby! Smells amazing, colors are beautiful, and DEFINITELY my #weddingday palette hahaha!



This one is so cute and it was actually a last minute decision! I’m in love with this Peanut Butter and Jelly palette. It’s small but scented and has soooooo many pretty colors! Ugh i just hope I don’t hit pan too soon. 



Ahhhhh alas the infamous Sweet Peach palette. Not gonna lie I got this one being the basic/bad and boujee chick I am. But I’m pleasantly surprised from the swatches I did at the pigmentation and skin tone compatibility! I’m not a neutral eye person (lol shocker… not) but this is what I think is gonna help me do some more natural, wearable looks!



This palette HANDS DOWN has the CUTEST packaging! It’s the Glitter Bomb palette. Haven’t really done anything with this one yet but I’m inspired for looks to come!

Sorry for the quality! #Blurredlines

I REALLY did NOT need anyyyyymore lippies buuuuuuuttttttt I had to have them. In order the Melteds are named “Velvet, Ruby, Fuchsia, Dream House, and Macaron”. The Melted Latex are “Girl on Top” and “Unicorn Tears”. I also purchased “Bye Felicia” but kinda hated it… but that’s another story. I love Dream House (I knew I would, always wanted to be black Barbie) and Ruby is AMAZING too!



I really only opened this Chocolate Gold bronzer, saw it wasn’t my shade, and closed it… may give it away to you wonderful followers!



Last and tbh least. The Peach Frost highlighter (came messed up, I tried to smooth it over and above is the result 😂) and the Peach my Cheeks blush in “So Peachy”. I honestly tried to swatch both and couldn’t because the formulas are terrible… maybe I can melt down into a rose gold cream shadow?! 😂 


Oh yeah and this is the sample hangover they sent me. Super small but I haven’t tried it yet so who knows?!

Alright Kaybies! That’s my haul! If you guys wanna see more in depth reviews on anything leave me a comment down below! White Peach is DEF gonna be reviewed though! Love y’all and stay FABULOUS!

Sincerely, Kay~

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