Is It Really, Though?

Hey Kaybies! I can’t believe we’re already in April! Time flies!

Anywho, part one of my Too Faced haul will be up REALLY soon! I’ve been working a lot but haven’t forgot and I want it to be top quality for y’all!

Everything I’m telling y’all about will be in my hauls but here’s a sneak peek

However today’s post is a question that I want y’all to give me feedback on. Like a straight up opinion because I wanna know how y’all feel.

This always cracks me up but I need y’all to be this honest lol

Anyone who knows me knows I have a very strong affinity for men. And that I go through crushes like a roll of toilet paper. And usually I say “no THIS one is different”… and then the guy turns out to be a jerk, rude, not interested, taken, a piece of crap… or all 5 at the same time. However, there’s a particular cutie I’ve been asking close friends and family about. It’s a predicament (if you will) that I’m facing. And hopefully I’m not alone and some of you face it too. But I’ll speak about it in hypotheticals first.

So there is a girl. Let’s name her Kiara (I just watched Lion King 2 clips, don’t judge me). And she likes this Kovu guy (again, Lion King II).  He seems dedicated to his job, his passions, and his looks🤤. However, it’s rumored that Kovu is thinking of going to the military. Which puts Kiara on a time clock. Kiara wants to make a move, but he never seems to be alone so Kiara’s like “Bet, I’ll get his number”… but she has no idea how and she’s already embarrassed herself in front of him by doing a 180 spin when she saw him walking to the little lion’s room.

Now that’s the situation. Many of my family and friends say that it’s the man who should make the first move… but IS IT REALLY THOUGH?!  I mean I’m probably the most hopeless romantic you’ll ever meet. And in a perfect world, I’d flirt coyly and wait to be asked and then he’d ask me on a date and we’d get married and have beautiful babies… but this ain’t Heaven! This ain’t Hallmark… and it dang sure ain’t perfection. I feel as though this is the optimal situation, but sometimes you have to take the first steps. For heaven’s sake, I’m running out of eggs!

An excellent point was brought to me that the Bible says “he who findeth a wife, findeth a good thing” (Proverbs 18:22)… not SHE who finds a husband. Meaning I should wait on God to bring the good man to me. And this really is a tough point to argue with because I believe it. Butttttt all I’m trying to do is get the ball rolling for God… then he can do the rest how he wants. I’ve also been told, it’s the 21st century and I should “shoot my shot”… even though I keep tellin y’all I can’t shoot to save my life.

My question to you, my Kaybies, is “Is it ALWAYS the man’s job to ask first?” or more bluntly, “How should I go about asking this man for his number, if at all? (And helpful “hows” entail what to wear, a script with my lines highlighted in pink, etc.)

Please respond via leaving a comment below, Instagram (kinayabrown_), or Snapchat (listed in contact methods on page)! I thank you in advance for all advice!

I appreciate y’all reading once again, and can’t wait to hear from you!

Sincerely, Kay~

7 thoughts on “Is It Really, Though?

  1. Hi Kay! I believe there is a happy medium between waiting on God and shooting your shot. It’s fine to be a hopeless romantic but it can be a defeating quality in dating since there is a thin line between wearing your heart on your sleeves and coming off desperate.

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  2. No I do not believe men should always make the first move. Now, some men do not want to come on as though they are “just like every other guy” they want to be your “one” and may be waiting it out to get a better feel of you. Although, once you are in a relationship, you probably wouldn’t want a partner who was not able to step up and say what they want and be protective and ginuin, so just watch out 😉 Overall, my opinion is to go for it, regardless of the pronoun, but have a clear mind set and respect for the unowned outcome.

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  3. Hey Kay, this is Tanner. I think any time that you like a guy, you should let him know. Not all guys have women chasing them and it may be hard for someone to wrap their head around a girl wanting to talk to them. I say you miss out on 100% of the chances you don’t take! Hope that helps! 😉

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