Behold… the BEST Buffalo Chicken Dip!

Good evening Kaybies! Hopefully you’re sleeping right now (even if it’s 2 pm where you are… you deserve a nap! Take a load off) and wake up to this recipe like your favorite surprise on Christmas morning 😌.

I made this recipe when the Panthers went to the Super Bowl 2 (?) years ago. It was the closest I ever thought I’d get to seeing a team I was close to actually be IN the Super Bowl. But hi-ho-what-do-you-know! My team (the EAGLES) made it this year!!! Never thought I’d live to see the day! Hopefully now I can shut down those Dallas fans who’s only argument is “how many rings do y’all have again” -__- At the Panther Party I had some of my closest friends try a few dishes, but this one was DEFINITELY the winner. So I decided before we watch the Super Bowl to make a bisque and call it the SOUP-er Bowl (ha…ha… no? Ok)

Seriously, it’s not a bisque though. Today I’m sharing with you the BEST adaptation of Buffalo Chicken Dip that was ever created… what can I say except you’re welcome ;). (Y’all who get my corny jokes rock)

Things you’ll need

An oven preheated to 400° F

1 Rotisserie Chicken

2 8-ounce packages of Cream Cheese

3/4 cup FRANKS RED HOT Sauce

1 cup Monterrey Jack Cheese

4 oz of a Strong Cheese (pepper jack, Gouda, blue cheese)

Some Old Bay Seasoning (optional)

1/2 cup Ranch Dressing

1 more cup of Monterrey Jack Cheese  (for the top)


Original recipe from

Above is a picture of Rotisserie chicken de-skinned and pulled off of the bone. This is the first major key. Canned chicken doesn’t even sound legal so nix that off the list. These are usually pretty cheap and are a lot better quality.

My attempt at chopping with a cleaver

Now since almost of people have a cleaver (the butcher wide knife thing in the last pic) I tried to use that to cut the chicken. I quickly realized that would take forever to get finely chopped and ain’t nobody got time for dat (unless you want a chunky dip which would still be cool). So I have this really cool device where you pull the handle and it chops for you (a food processor will work or anything like that) and I figured I’d be lazy and use that. Here it is below

I wanted a really creamy dip so when I finished “chopping” my chicken came out like this


Next, you should add your SOFTENED cream cheese. Like 90% of the time when I bake I don’t let mine soften because I’m gonna beat it fluffy anyway. BIG NO NO with this recipe. Unless you’re making this in a stand mixer, your life will be easier if you let it soften. Don’t tell anyone, but I wound up having to microwave mine for a minute.

My unsoftened cream cheese

After you dump the cream cheese in the bowl, I put in the Franks. Why did I bold Franks? Because before the panther party I made it with Texas Pete ultra hot and cried because it was too spicy and I didn’t want to murder my friends. So since Franks isn’t TOO too spicy I recommend that one.

Also, do this step  before the dressing. It makes it easier for it to come out and be cleaned up since the hot sauce has oil.


Cheese Please! The next step is to add your strong cheese. OG recipe called for blue cheese but I HATE blue cheese. So! I recommend pepper jack or another strong and spicy cheese.

Now add your good ol’ ranch (Again… cause  I hate blue cheese.) Kraft was on sale so we’re rolling with it!

Next add the Old Bay (if you have any) and one cup of the Monterrey Jack. Mix it with a spatula, stand mixer, or wooden spoon like me!

You should wind up with a majestically orange, evenly combined, and creamy dip base.

80B30C27-061C-48AC-99C2-4B5C2B9F948ESpread the mixture in a baking/glass dish and add your last cup of Monterrey to the top of your dip. Pop it in the oven for 15 minutes and pat yourself on the back because your mouth is about to witness game day history!

Voila! I took mine out when it started to brown at the edges but definitely I love this recipe because you can so easily make it yours!

I hope you enjoyed, get some sleep, and Go EAGLES!

Sincerely, Kay~

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