Welcome! (A little bit about me…)

Name: Kay 🌟💫💝

Age: 20!

Loves:  God, Sleep, Drake AND C Breezy, Black Panther, Queso Blanco, Fall, Chick-Fil-A , Daydreams, Panera, Karaoke, Nostalgia, and Feeling True Joy.

Can’t and Won’t Stand: Satan, Eczema (synonymous with Satan), Early Mornings, Beans/Feta/Muenster/Blue Cheese🤮, Disrespect, Screamo Music, and Any Version of The Grinch Besides Jim Carey’s.

A Personal Message

Hello Kaybies! I’m so excited to start my new outlet for expression. I look forward to interacting with y’all and taking this thing to the next level. Now I’m not your average or typical [blog]… I’m kinda like a blog remix with all of your favorite artists. Be ready *DJ Khaled voice* for real talk and to stay caught up on relationships, makeup/fashion reviews, Recipes, top 10 lists, story times, and more! Welcome to the Kay-list!

Sincerely, Kay~


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